CANDAR Registration

  • We have 2×2=4 types registrations: (Registration-only, Almost-inclusive)X(Speaker, non-Speaker).
  • Registration fee can be paid though PayPal using major credit cards (VISA, MASTER, etc).

Registration-only and Almost-inclusive

  • Registration-only: Participation of symposium/workshops, Abstract/Program book, and Access to onsite online Proceedings. Social event tickets must be purchased separately to participate them.
  • Almost-inclusive: Participation of symposium/workshops, Abstract/Program book, Access to onsite online Proceedings, USB flash drive Proceedings, and Social Event Tickets (Reception, Banquet, Farewell Party). Battleship Island Tour is NOT included. Almost-inclusive registrants must register social events though the web page by October 25 to join them. The URL of this web page is included in the acknowledgement email of the all-inclusive registration payment.
  • Receipt of “CANDAR Registration Fee” will be issued at the registration desk of the symposium venue for registration-only and almost-inclusive registration payment.
  • Receipt of “Social Event Tickets” will be issued for social event ticket payment.
type Participation of Symposium and Workshops Abstract and Program Book Access to onsite online Proceedings USB flash drive Proceedings Reception, Banquet, Farewell Party Battleship Island Tour
Social Event Tickets

Speaker and Non-speaker

  • Speaker: Exactly one speaker registration is required for each paper to include it in the program and the Proceedings.
  • Non-speaker: Non-Speaker registration is applied to a participant who has no CANDAR main symposium/workshop paper, or who has a paper but another author of the paper has already registered and paid Speaker registration fee for it.

Registration Fee

  • Registration fee below is undiscounted rate.
  • Up to 9,000JPY discount may be applied.

Speaker Registration

  • Exactly one Speaker Registration fee must be paid for each paper by October 10, 2019.
  • A Paper will be removed from the program and the proceedings if speaker registration fee for it is not paid by October 10, 2019,
  • Registration-only Speaker
    • 35,000JPY
      • CANDAR long paper (8-10 pages)
      • CANDAR regular paper (5-7 pages)
      • Workshop regular paper (5-7 pages)
      • WANC short paper (4-5 pages)
    • 30,000JPY
      • Workshop poster paper (3-4 pages)
      • WANC poster paper (2-3 pages)
    • 25,000JPY
      • NCSS-10 oral/poster paper (2-10 pages)
  • Almost-inclusive Speaker
    • 60,000JPY
      • CANDAR long paper (8-10 pages)
      • CANDAR regular paper (5-7 pages)
      • Workshop regular paper (5-7 pages)
      • WANC short paper (4-5 pages)
    • 55,000JPY
      • Workshop poster paper (3-4 pages)
      • WANC poster paper (2-3 pages)
    • 50,000JPY
      • NCSS oral/poster paper (2-10 pages)

Non-Speaker Registration

Registration Fee Discounts

  • Alumni/Member 4,000 JPY discount: If you attended CADNAR 2018 or if you want to be a member of ISS (Information Science Society) of Japan for FY2019, then 4,000 JPY discount is applied. Note that no additional payment/procedure is necessary to be a member of ISS Japan and so it is recommended for all registrants to select this option.
  • NCSS-9 author 5,000 JPY discount: If you are an author of an NCSS-9 workshop (held on June 2) paper, then 5,000JPY discount is applied.
  • Both discounts are not exclusive and totally 9,000JPY discount may be applied.

Social Event Tickets

  • Please see Schedule for the details of three social events.
  • The number of seats of Battleship Island tour is 125 and the tickets are soled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Registration-only registration does not includes Social Events. Social Event Tickets must be purchased in advance to participate them.
  • Almost-inclusive registration includes Reception/Banquet/Farewell Party. However, it does not includes Battle Ship Island tour.
  • On-site registration/payment of social events is not possible.
  • The symposium registrant who paid registration fee can purchase social event tickets for accompanying person, such as parents, spouse, siblings, and children. The ticket price is +50% of that for registrants below.
  • Social event tickets for accompanying person are not applied to paper authors/researchers. Non-speaker registration fee must be paid for them.
  • Receipt of “Social Event Tickets” will be given at the registration desk of the symposium venue.
  • Important: The price of the social event tickets below is less than a half of the cost thanks to the support of sponsors. So, please avoid no-shows for the social events if you purchase the tickets. No-shows are waste of sumptuous meals.
  • Reception (Nov. 27)
  • Battleship Island tour (Nov. 28)
  • Banquet (Nov. 28)
  • Farewell Party (Nov. 29)

PayPal Payment Pages

  • CANDAR Registration : All 2×2=4 types.
  • NOTE: Even if you do not complete payment, you may receive acknowledgement thank you message from Web registration system JotForm. If you complete the payment, you should receive an receipt email directly from PayPal.
  • We are not able to accept bank transfer payment for social event tickets.

Bank Transfer Payment

  • We accept bank transfer payment for registration fee only if credit card payment is not possible. It is strongly recommended to pay registration fee by credit cards. However, we require +10,000JPY for our handling cost of bank transfer. In addition, all commissions including currency exchange and sending/receiving must be paid by remitter.
  • Payment by Bank Transfer for speaker registrations must be completed by October 10, 2019.
  • Please see Bank Transfer Registration and submit the payment/registration information. The registration information must be submitted through this page by the registration due of applicable category.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund is not possible for every speaker registration. Cancellations for the non-speaker registration and event tickets must be received in writing to on or before November 1, 2019, to receive a 70-percent refund. Cancellations received after November 1, 2019 are not entitled a refund.