Himegin Hall

Himegin Hall is conveniently located 0.6km from Dogo SPA resort area and 3.3 km from JR Matsymama station. There is a tram service from JR Matsuyama station to Dogo SPA resort (Dogo Onsen Tram Stop) passing through Himegin Hall (Minamimachi Tram Stop). Minamimachi Tram Stop is just in front of the Himegin Hall.


Dogo Prince Hotel

Reception and Banquet will be held at Dogo Prince Hotel, which is the largest and the most luxurious hotel in Dogo SPA resort area. The reception and banquet will include free access to deluxe SPA in the hotel. Frequent free shuttle bus service between Dogo Onsen Tram Stop and the hotel entrance is provided. In the photo below, the the shuttle bus is parked in front of the hotel entrance.

  • Dogo Prince Hotel

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