CANDAR Best/Outstandig Paper

CANDAR Best Papers

  • Efficient Byte Stream Pattern Test using Bloom Filter with Rolling Hash Functions on the FPGA, Takuma Wada, Naoki Matsumura, Koji Nakano and Yasuaki Ito
  • Hiding Communication of Essential Service by System Call Proxy, Yuki Okuda, Masaya Sato and Hideo Taniguchi

CANDAR Outstanding Papers

  • Data Pinning and Back Propagation Memory Optimization for Deep Learning on GPU, Cing-Fu Jhu, Pangfeng Liu and Jan-Jan Wu
  • k-Optimized Path Routing for High-Throughput Data Center Networks, Ryuta Kawano, Ryota Yasudo, Hiroki Matsutani and Hideharu Amano
  • An Implementation of Shared Key Generation Extracted from Received Signal Strength in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Communication, Amang Sudarsono, Mike Yuliana, Prima Kristalina and Ali Ridho Barakbah
  • Critical Node Identification based on Articulation Point Detection for Network with Uncertain Connectivity, Kouzou Ohara, Kazumi Saito, Masahiro Kimura and Hiroshi Motoda
  • Slow-port-exhaustion DoS Attack on Virtual Network Using Port Address Translation, Son Nguyen Duc, Mamoru Mimura and Hidema Tanaka

Workshop Best Papers

  • AFCA Best Paper: A Smaller-state Implementation of Real-Time Sequence Generator for {n^3 | n=1, 2, 3,…}, Naoki Kamikawa and Hiroshi Umeo
  • ASON Best Paper: Spatial Feature Aware Genetic Algorithm of Network Base Station Configuration for Internet of Things, Haobin Wang, Wei Huangfu, Yaxi Liu, Cheng Gong, Yebing Ren and Wei Liu
  • CSA Best Paper: Integrating TicToc with Parallel Logging, Yasuhiro Nakamura, Hideyuki Kawashima and Osamu Tatebe
  • GCA Best Paper: Hierarchical Distributed-Memory Multi-Leader MPI-Allreduce for Deep Learning Workloads, Truong Thao Nguyen, Ryousei Takano and Mohamed Wahib
  • LHAM Best Paper: Preconditioner auto-tuning with deep learning for sparse iterative algorithms, Kenya Yamada, Takahiro Katagiri, Hiroyuki Takizawa, Kazuo Minami, Mitsuo Yokokawa, Toru Nagai and Masao Ogino
  • PDAA Best Paper: Self-stabilizing algorithm for dynamically maintaining two disjoint dominating sets, Sayaka Kamei and Hirotsugu Kakugawa
  • SUSCW Best Paper: C4: an FPGA-based compression algorithm for ExpEther, Hideki Shimura, Hiroyuki Noda and Hideharu Amano
  • WICS Best Paper: On the Effectiveness of Extracting Important Words from Proxy Logs, Mamoru Mimura
  • WANC Best Paper: Revisiting Thread Execution Methods for GPU-oriented OpenCL Programs on Multicore Processors, Takafumi Miyazaki, Hayato Hidari, Naohisa Hojo, Ittetsu Taniguchi and Hiroyuki Tomiyama
  • Workshop Best Poster Paper: A Flexible Anti-Jamming Channel Hopping for Cognitive Radio Networks, Chih-Min Chao, Wei-Che Lee, Cong-Xiang Wang, Shin-Chung Huang and Yu-Chich Yang