Free Student Registration

  • Students are offered free registration to attend CANDAR symposium.
  • They are required to submit the PDF file of a report including comments/impressions for at least 12 talks including keynotes, oral presentations, and poster presentations in all CANDAR events by December 2 for waving the CANDAR registration fee.
  • Students who registered through free student registration are not eligible for joining social events (reception, banquet, and excursion) even if they are willing to pay for them.
  • It is not possible to provide any letter/document for visa/funding application for this registration category.
  • List of students and the status of report submission will be disclosed in this page.

Comparison of Non-speaker Registration and Free Student Registration

Non-speaker Registration Free Student Registration
Restriction None, anyone can register Must be students
Registration Fee 10,000-30,000 JPY free
Social Event Tickets Can purchase to attend CANNOT purchase to attend
Report Not required Must be submitted

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