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   * Naoki Fujieda (Aichi Institute of Technology)   * Naoki Fujieda (Aichi Institute of Technology)
   * Hiroshi Fujiwara (Shinshu University)   * Hiroshi Fujiwara (Shinshu University)
-  * Hiroyuki Hatano (Mie University) 
   * Michihiro Horie (IBM Research - Tokyo)   * Michihiro Horie (IBM Research - Tokyo)
   * Keisuke Iwai (National Defense Academy)   * Keisuke Iwai (National Defense Academy)
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   * Yasuyuki Miura (Shonan Institute of Technology)   * Yasuyuki Miura (Shonan Institute of Technology)
   * Yuichi Miyaji (Toyohashi university of technology)   * Yuichi Miyaji (Toyohashi university of technology)
-  * Hiroyuki Miyamoto (Kyushu Institute of Technology) 
   * Takeshi Ohkawa (Tokai University)   * Takeshi Ohkawa (Tokai University)
   * Kanemitsu Ootsu (Utsunomiya University)   * Kanemitsu Ootsu (Utsunomiya University)