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 +====== Submission Instruction for CANDAR Main Tracks======
 +(This page shows instruction for CANDAR main symposium. Please see [[Workshop Submission]] and [[http://​is-candar.org/​mini/​ncss9|NCSS9]] for the details of workshop paper submission and NCSS9 paper submission.)
 +  * Submission site:​[[http://​www.easychair.org/​conferences/?​conf=candar2020|EasyChair]] ​
 +  * [[Paper Format For Review]]
 +  * Important dates: [[Schedule]]
 +===== Paper Submission Guidelines =====
 +Papers reporting original and unpublished research results and experience are solicited. Papers will be selected based on their originality,​ timeliness, significance,​ relevance, and clarity of presentation. Accepted and presented papers will be published in the symposium proceedings.
 +Prospective authors are encouraged to submit the plain text of the abstract by [[Schedule|CANDAR'​20 abstract submission due]],
 +and the PDF of the paper for review by [[Schedule|CANDAR'​20 paper submission due]] through [[http://​www.easychair.org/​conferences/?​conf=candar2020|EasyChair]]. Authors can revise the submitted PDF until [[Schedule|CANDAR'​20 paper modification due]].
 +Appropriate reviewers will be assigned based on submitted titles and abstracts. If you do not have an EasyChair account, you must create it first.
 +  * [[Schedule|CANDAR'​20 abstract submission due]]: abstract (plain text) must be submitted
 +  * [[Schedule|CANDAR'​20 paper submission due]]: paper (PDF) must be submitted.
 +For paper submission, the author need to login EasyChair as an **author**, choose **new submission** menu, select **one of the tracks**, and then click **Continue** button.
 +===== Paper Format For Review =====
 +Please see [[Paper Format For Review]] very carefully.
 +If a submitted paper does not satisfy required paper format, it may be rejected without review.
 +===== Review as workshop papers =====
 +We plan to review **papers rejected by CANDAR main symposium** as workshop papers. ​
 +If authors want to be reviewed as workshop papers in case of rejection,
 +please check box "​**Want to be reviewed as workshop paper if rejected**"​ when they submit papers through EasyChair.
 +Such papers will be reviewed by workshop organizers and the notification will be sent by the workshop notification date.
 +Note that it is NOT necessary to submit papers to workshops.
 +Papers will be automatically redirected to workshop organizers in case of rejection.
 +Also, selection of this option never affects the decision of accept/​rejection for CANDAR main symposium. If papers submitted to CANDAR main symposium are accepted as workshop papers, they must be revised to meet the workshop paper page limitation.
 +===== Corresponding Authors =====
 +Notification will be sent only to corresponding authors by email.
 +So, when you submit a paper through EasyChair, please select authors as corresponding authors, who want to receive the notification and the reviewers'​ comments.
 +===== No Show Policy =====
 +At least one author must register for each paper and deliver a talk at the symposium site.
 +Papers that are not presented by the author (no-show paper) will be removed from the IEEE digital library, even if the author has paid the speaker registration fee.