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 +====== Paper Format For Review ======
 +This Web page shows **Paper Formatting Guideline** for review, which is applied to CANDAR main symposium and workshops (excluding NCSS workshop).
 +This page is not for for NCSS workshop. Papers submitted to NCSS workshop must be the final version and should include authors names and affiliations.
 +**Important**: For fairness of review process and paper selection, papers will be reviewed by **double blind**. So they should not contain authors names and affiliations, any grant information, and personal acknowledgements by which authors can be identified.
 +Further, authors prior works must be referred to as **3rd-persons works**. 
 +Papers do not follow the submission guidelines including paper format, page length, and anonymity of authors, will not be accepted.
 +===== Paper Format =====
 +Submitted paper must use **IEEE standard US-letter two-column format** ([[http://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/publishing/templates.html]]).
 +===== Page limitation =====
 +  * CANDAR main symposium
 +    * Long paper: 8-10 pages
 +    * Regular paper: 5-7 pages
 +  * Workshops  (excluding WANC and NCSS)
 +    * Regular paper: 5-7 pages
 +    * Poster paper: 3-4 pages
 +  * WANC workshop
 +    * Short paper: 4-5 pages
 +    * Poster paper: 2-3 pages
 +Submitted paper may be accepted as papers in shorter page-length category.
 +For example, CANDAR Long paper maybe accepted as CANDAR Regular paper.
 +If this is the case, the final paper must satisfy the page limitation of CANDAR Regular paper.
 +=====Double-blind review (3rd person) =====
 +Papers should **NOT** contain
 +  authors names and affiliations
 +  details of grant information and personal acknowledgements
 +On the other hand, authors previous related works **should not be omitted**, and
 +they must be referred to as **3rd-persons works**.
 +For example, if you improve your own prior work, you should write:
 +  While the authors of [?] did X, this paper additionally did Y.
 +You SHOULD NOT write:
 +  While our previous paper of [?] did X, this paper additionally did Y.
 +Please see {{ :doubleblind.pdf |Sample PDF file}} for the details.
 +Papers do not satisfy these conditions for double-blind review may be rejected without review.
 +==== Non-cited authors’papers ====
 +If authors cannot cite their paper for any reason (e.g. paper under review), the file explaining it can be submitted. The difference from authors' previous papers must be explained in such cases. This file may be disclosed to reviewers for fair evaluation by organizer’s decision. The file type must be doc, docx, pdf, or txt.