CANDAR Keynote

  • Sunao Torii (ExaScaler), Hitoshi Ishikawa (PEZY Computing)

ASON Keynote

  • Takumi MIYOSHI, Shibaura Institute of Technology

GCA Keynote

  • Takashi Ishida, Tokyo Institute of Technology

LHAM Keynote

  • Albert Farrés, Barcelona Supercomputing Center

PDAA Keynote

  • Taisuke Izumi, Nagoya Institute of Technology

WICS Keynote

  • Speaker: Noboru Kunihiro, The University of Tokyo
  • Title: Recovering RSA Secret Keys from Noisy Keys
  • Abstract: RSA is the most widely used cryptosystem and its security is based on the difficulty of factoring a large composite. Furthermore, the side-channel attacks are a real threat to RSA scheme. In this talk, we will present how to recover the RSA secret key from a noisy version of the secret key obtained through physical attacks such as cold boot and side channel attacks. We have proposed several polynomial-time algorithm for recovering RSA secret keys from the analog observed data. We will explain those algorithms within the unified framework and give the success conditions for the attacks.

WANC Keynote

  • Shinya TAKAMAEDA-YAMAZAKI, Hokkaido University