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Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
15 Hybrid storage system to achieve efficient use of fast memory area 10 Kazuichi Oe
20 An Efficient MQ-based Signature in the QROM 8 Hiroki Furue
34 Fog-Assisted Virtual Reality MMOG with Ultra Low Latency 9 Tsuyoshi Yoshihara
37 Effective Decentralized Energy Restoration by a Mobile Robot 9 Nicola Santoro
48 A Novel Color Image Representation Approach for Content-Based Image Retrieval Chang-Hsing Lee
49 Almost Optimal Cheating-Detectable $(2,2,n)$ Ramp Secret Sharing Scheme Tomoki Agematsu
52 DroidCaps: Orientation-based Malware Analysis for Android through Capsule Networks 9 Mohammad Nauman
54 Function Identification in Android Binaries with Deep Learning 10 Aizaz Sharif
64 A Label-based Approach for Automatic Identifying Adversarial Examples with Image Transformation 9 Thang Dang Duy
66 Revised Pulse Algorithm for Elementary Shortest Path Problem with Resource Constraints 8 Jiaxin Li
85 Efficient GPU Implementations to Compute the Diameter of a Graph Daisuke Takafuji
87 Threat Analysis of Fake Virus Alerts Using WebView Monitor Rintaro Orito
91 $2(1 - 1/\ell)$-factor Steiner tree approximation in $\tilde{O}(n{1/3})$ rounds in the $\mathcal{CONGESTED}$ $\mathcal{CLIQUE}$ SUSHANTA KARMAKAR
96 Folded Bloom Filter for High Bandwidth Memory, with GPU implementations 10 Masatoshi Hayashikawa


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
5 Implementation of a Strongly Robust Identity-Based Encryption Scheme over Type-3 Pairings 6 TATSUYA SUZUKI
8 Framework for Detecting ControlCommandInjection Attacks on Industrial ControlSystems(ICS) 7 Hoda Mehrpouyan
10 A Tensor Factorization on Rating Prediction for Recommendation by Feature Extraction from Reviews 7 Yang Sun
22 Data-Transfer-Bottleneck-Less Architecture for FPGA-Based Quantum Annealing Simulation 7 Chiayin Liu
25 Siva – The IPFS Search Engine Nawras Khudhur
31 Mobility-aware Tasks Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing Environment 7 Qinglan Peng
36 A Performance Analysis and Evaluation of SIDH with Several Classes of the Quadratic Extension Fields 7 Yuki Nanjo
40 An ANN Based Sequential Detection Method for Balancing Performance Indicators of IDS 6 HAO ZHAO
47 A Density-Based Congestion Avoidance Protocol for Strict Beaconing Requirements in VANETs 7 Jacir Bordim
50 Decomposing the Inverse of a Masked Vector in an Isomorphic GF for Perfectly Masked S-Box 7 Yuta Kodera
62 CNN Architecture for Surgical Image Segmentation Systems with Recursive Network Structure to Mitigate Overfitting Taito Manabe
73 Benchmarks for FPGA-Targeted High-Level-Synthesis 7 Yasuaki Iimura
80 How to Improve the Cohesion of a Social Network? A Structural Perspective 7 Jiamou Liu
88 Extraction of Characteristic Subgraph Patterns with Support Threshold from Databases of Floor Plans 7 Tomonobu Ozaki
99 A Side-Channel Attack using Order 8 Rational Points against Curve25519 on an 8-Bit Microcontroller 7 Yoshinori Uetake
102 A Resource-efficient Weight Sampling Method for Bayesian Neural Network Accelerators Yuki Hirayama
104 GPGPU Implementation of Variational Bayesian Gaussian Mixture Models Hiroki Nishimoto
114 Evaluating a Side-Channel Resistance against Order 4 Rational Points in Arduino Cryptography Library 6 Keiji Yoshimoto

Workshop Papers


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
26 LARSS: A Rider Scoring System to Mitigate Fraud in TNVS Wilbert Jethro Limjoco
109 A congestion avoidance for adaptive streaming over ICN using bitrate feedback from in-network nodes Rei Nakagawa
141 Cooperative Update Mechanism of Cache Update Method Based on Content Update Dynamic Queries for Named Data Networking 7 Takatoshi Miwa
144 CWC: Simple and Stateless AQM Capable of Handling High Priority Thin Flows to Prevent Bufferbloat Kyosuke Kubota
157 A State Space Reduction Method for Model Checking of Wireless Multi-hop Network Routing Protocols Focusing on Topologies Hideharu Kojima
167 On the Effect of BLE Beacons on Fast Bluetooth Connection Establishment Scheme Ryohei Saka
175 On the Secure Dispersed Data Transfer-Oriented Path Construction Method for Different ID Trees in WSNs Kazuki Fujita


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
12 A Basic Study on Communication Characteristics by Bluetooth Low Energy for i-construction 4 Ryo Hamamoto
127 A Study on Construction of Ad-hoc Network with BLE Advertisement Kai Takahashi
158 Processing Assignment of Deep Learning According to Sensor Node Capacity Karin Umeda
163 Delay Tolerant Network considering Pedestrian Crowds Takenori Kazama
165 Development of a Network Status Visualizing System for Wireless Multihop Networks Ryoichi Mukai
170 Simulation of Evacuation Route Guidance Considering Evacuation Situation Changes in MANET-based Building Evacuation System Shinnosuke Murakami


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
32 Evaluation of a Chained Systolic Array with High-Speed Links 7 Jun Iwamoto
41 A Programmable Approximate Calculation Unit Employing Time-Encoded Stochastic Computing Elements NGUYEN VAN TINH
61 A Memory-Bandwidth-Efficient Word2vec Accelerator Using OpenCL for FPGA 6 Tomoki Shoji
93 Deadlock-Free Layered Routing for Infiniband Networks Ryuta Kawano
105 GPU-based Decompression using the 842 Algorithm 6 Max Plauth
106 Fast Interrupt Handling Scheme By Using Interrupt Wake-Up Mechanism Ryo Wada
182 Throughput-Optimal Hardware Implementation of LZW Decompression on the FPGA 6 Hiroshi Kagawa
183 A Pre-routing Net Wirelength Prediction Method Using an Optimized Convolutional Neural Network Ryota Watanabe


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
171 Application of cross-reference framework CoToCoA to macro- and micro-scale simulations of planetary magnetospheres 4 Keiichiro Fukazawa
177 Orchestrating Near-Data FPGA Accelerators using Unix Pipes Lukas Wenzel


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
18 Frame Difference Generative Adversarial Networks:Clearer Contour Video Generating Rui Qiu
72 Face Image Anonymization as an Application of Multidimensional Data K-Anonymizer 7 Taichi Nakamura
77 A Quantized Neural Network Library for Proper Implementation of Hardware Emulation Masato KIYAMA
78 Task Scheduling Techniques for Deep Learning in Heterogeneous Environment 7 Pangfeng Liu
84 Expressive Numbers of Two or More Hidden Layer ReLU Neural Networks 7 Kenta Inoue
124 Fast compression and optimization of deep learning models for natural language processing Marcin Pietron
173 Structured Sparse Fully-Connected Layers in the CNNs and its GPU Acceleration 7 Naoki Matsumura


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
46 Parallelization Implementation of Direct-Forcing Immersed Boundary Method Using OpenACC Fang-An Kuo
125 Ensemble approach for natural language question answering problem Jerzy Duda
138 Kernel-based direct policy search reinforcement learning based on variational Bayesian inference 4 Nobuhiko Yamaguchi


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
28 Collaborative Illustrator with Android Tablets Shogo Inoue
29 Live Streaming Over Wi-Fi Direct Multi-Groups 7 Masayuki Kawakami
43 An asynchronous P system using branch and bound for minimum graph coloring Kotaro Umetsu
82 Multi-Objective Optimization of Channel Mapping for Fail-Operational Hybrid TDM NoCs 7 Nguyen Anh Vu Doan
94 The Degree/Diameter Problem for Host-Switch Graphs Ryota Yasudo
97 Forgive & Forget: Self-Stabilizing Swarms in Spite of Byzantine Robots 7 Koichi Wada
115 A Development Platform of Intelligent Mobile APP based on Edge Computing 7 Tyng-Yeu Liang
128 Robustness of elementary cellular automata to asynchronous transitions and communications 7 Qin Lei
147 Eventually Consistent Distributed Ledger Relying on Degraded Atomic Broadcast Michiko Inoue
172 A Construction of Real-Time Sequence Generation Algorithm for { n4 n = 1, 2, 3, …} Naoki Kamikawa


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
137 An asynchronous P system with branch and bound for solving Hamiltonian cycle problem 4 Akihiro Fujiwara
179 Low-Cost Weed Identification System Using Drones Chih-Min Chao


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
24 Real Chip Performance Evaluation on Through Chip Interface IP for Renesas SOTB 65nm Process 6 Hideto Kayashima
33 JavaScript Development Environment for Programming Education using Smartphones 6 Minoru Uehara
74 Interactive Cultivation System for the Future IoT-based Agriculture Hironori Nakajo
90 A Web-based Routing and Visualization Tool for Drone Delivery 5 Takuma Hikida
151 Analysis of factors influencing global carbon dioxide emission characteristics using panel data and evaluation of their impact 7 Yoshiomi Otsuka
159 A Rapid Optimization Method For Visual Indirect SLAM Using a Subset of Feature Points Ryosuke Kazami
181 Acceleration of ART algorithm on an FPGA board with Xilinx SDAccel Hideharu AMANO


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
121 Improvement of Multipurpose Travel Route Recommendation System Based on GA 4 YUAN CHEN
169 A Cache Replacement Policy with Considering Fluctuation Patterns of Total Priority Value Ryosuke Higashi


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
17 Construction and Evaluation of Attribute-Based Challenge-and-Response Authentication scheme on Asymmetric Bilinear Map Kotaro Chinen
21 Reduction of Classifier Size and Acceleration of Classification Algorithm in Malware Detection Mechanism using Processor Information Kazuki Koike
23 Reliable Decentralized Oracle with Mechanisms for Verification and Disputation 7 LIMAO MA
44 A Covert System Identification Attack on Constant Set-point Control Systems 7 Hoda Mehrpouyan
65 Investigating the Accuracy of Free-Text Keystroke Dynamics Authentication in Touchscreen Devices
69 Provable Security of the Ma-Tsudik Forward-Secure Sequential Aggregate MAC Scheme 7 Shoichi Hirose
76 A New Higher Order Differential of BIG 6 Naoki Shibayama
79 Image-based Unknown Malware Classification with Few-Shot Learning Models Kien Tran
86 Neural-Network-Based Pseudo-Random Number Generator Evaluation Tool for Stream Ciphers 6 Hayato Kimura
103 ECC Atomic Block against Strong Side-Channel Attacks using Binary Curves Yusuke Takemura
107 Mutual Relationship between the Neural Network Model and Linear Complexity for Pseudorandom Binary Number Sequence 7 Yuki Taketa
123 Security Bug Detection Through Dynamic Taint Analysis in Scala Mohammadreza Ashouri
142 A preliminary study on methods to eliminate short fruitless cycles for Pollard’s rho method for ECDLP over BN curves 7 Hiromasa Miura
146 Identifying Useful Features for Malware Detection in the Ember Dataset 7 Yoshihiro Oyama
149 An Efficient Anonymous Reputation System for Crowd Sensing 7 Toru Nakanishi


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
55 The Approach Toward New Authentication Technology, 4th factor, Behavior Rie Yamaguchi
133 A Study on Person Verification Using EEGs Evoked by Unperceivable Vibration Stimuli Yoshiaki Shindo
145 Binary Sequence Generated by Alternative Trace Map Function and Its Properties Fatema Akhter


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
7 Proposal of a Novel Book Content Search Method for Web-Based EBook Libraries 5 Somchai Chatvichienchai
30 Fast and Secure Back-Propagation Learning using Vertically Partitioned Data with IoT 5 Hirofumi Miyajima
60 A Virtual Sign Language Translator on Smartphones Yun-Jung Ku
92 A Study on Phase Shift Keying on 2-Sphere 4 Sho Kakuwa
98 Evaluation of AP and OS Processing Distribution for Microkernel OS 5 Yuya Kobayashi
131 An analysis of Computational Complexity of Low Level Quantizers for Block Turbo Decoding for Product Codes of Binary Linear Code 5 Shinichi Kageyama
143 Generating block IO trace data from a cloud site using packet capture and analyzing the IO trace data 5 Kazutaka OGIHARA
150 Finding the Maximum Number of Symbols for the 4b/10b Line Code with Error Correction 5 Masayuki Takeda
156 A Watercolor Painting Image Generation using Stroke-based Rendering 5 Hisaki Yamane
168 Proposal of Scalable Vector Extension for Embedded RISC-V Soft-core Processor 5 Yoshiki Kimura
176 A Study on Service Identification Based on Server Name Indication Analysis Hiroaki Yamauchi


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
45 A study on transmission efficiency of systematic Spinal Codes 3 Yota Katagishi
129 Artificial Bee Colony with Mutual Search Strategy for Solving Numerical Optimization Problems
135 Strawberry optimization for multi-objective knapsack problem 3 YAMATO MIZOBE
140 Improvement of Cache System Automatic Design Tool for Heterogeneous Multi-core Taiga Yukawa
160 Traffic Congestion Level Prediction Based on Recurrent Neural Networks
174 A Study on Cyclic Performance Fluctuation of CUBIC TCP and TCP BBR Considering Estimated RTT and Bandwidth Kouto Miyazawa
178 Usable Disk Space Control Based on Hadoop Job Features 3 Makoto Nakagami


Paper ID Title Oral/Poster Pages Speaker
132 Preliminary version: Attempt of modeling of connected Industorial Control System’s communication aiming information security risk extraction Oral 6 Satoshi Agatsuma
136 PKI-enabled OSPFv3 for Reliable IP Traceback Oral 5 Takahiro Oriishi
185 Centralized approach of load balancing in Homogeneous Grid Computing Environment Oral 6
187 Execution of OFF2F Program Using Pseudo Non-Volatile Memory Oral Sho Takasugi
188 Hardware Design and Evaluation of Cell Allocation Cache Poster Tomoaki Ikari
189 Learning course features with Mini 4WD simulator Poster 2 Yuji Onoo
190 Self-position estimation of Mini 4WD AI using digital camera images Poster 2 Kazuhisa Senju
192 Flower pollination optimization for the multi-objective knapsack problem Oral 4