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CANDAR Long Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
11 Large-Scale Interconnection Network Simulation Methods Based on Cellular Automata 10 Takashi Yokota
24 Single Kernel Soft Synchronization Technique for CUDA-enabled GPUs, with Applications 10 Shunji Funasaka
52 A Square Pointillism Image Generation, and its GPU Acceleration 10 Hiroki Tokura
61 A Hybrid Architecture for the Approximate String Matching on an FPGA 10 Takuma Wada
64 Slice Swarms for HPC Application Resilience 10 Anis Alazzawe
67 Performance Improvement of a Two-dimensional Flood Simulation Application in Hybrid Computing Environments 9 Ryan Marshall
68 Tight Lower Bounds on the Maximum Number of Hops in P2P Video Streaming through Multiple Spanning Trees 8 Takuya Shoji

CANDAR Regular Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
3 Energy-Efficient BLE Device Discovery for Internet of Things 5 Shin-Ming Cheng
5 Complex Dynamics, Evolution, Separation, Profile Modeling of Fire in 3D for Computer Animation 7 Roman Durikovic
6 HDR Image Acquisition Using Integrated Mobile Device Camera 6 Roman Durikovic
18 A Galindo-Garcia-like Identity-Based Signature with Tight Security Reduction 7 Shingo Hasegawa
30 Compression and aggregation for optimizing information transmission in distributed CNN 7 Takamasa Mitani
34 Semi-Order Preserving Encryption Technique for Numeric Data to Enhance Privacy 7 Saleh Ahmed
44 Generalized-Star Crossed Cube - A Flexible Interconnection Network with High-Performance at Low-Cost 6 Tomofumi Sato
45 A Feasibility Study of Programmable Analog Calculation Unit for Approximate Computing 7 Renyuan Zhang
46 The Blind Watermarking Method for Anonymized Data 7 Yuta Ohno
47 An information platform for smart communities realizing data usage authentication and secure data sharing 7 Akira Niwa
58 Optimization Strategies for WSM6 on Intel Microarchitectures 7 Timbwaoga Ouermi
59 A Light-weight Cooperative Caching Strategy by D2D Content Sharing 7 Takayuki Shiroma
66 Discovery of Delta-tolerance closed subgraphs on GPGPU 7 Tatsuya Toki
72 A practical collision avoidance method for an inter-chip bus with wireless inductive Through Chip Interface 6 Hideharu Amano
74 Improved Differential Evolution with Searching Pioneer for Solving Multi-modal Optimization Problems 5 Sheng-Ta Hsieh
77 SPH-based Fluid Simulation on GPU using Verlet List and Subdivided Cell-Linked List 7 tomoki nitta
80 CPCI Stack: Metric for Accurate Bottleneck Analysis on OoO Microprocessors 7 Teruo Tanimoto
81 Analysis of Multiple Darknet Focusing on Outbound Packets and its Application to Malware Analysis 7 Keisuke Furumoto

AFCA Regular Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
73 Biologically Adaptive Artificial Bee Colony for Numerical Optimization 7 Hao-Wen Cheng
124 On a Triangular Brownian Cellular Automaton with 4 States and 6 Rules 5 Yuta Yamatani
129 Hierarchical Motion Representation of 2-state Number Conserving Cellular Automata 6 GilTak Kong

AFCA Poster Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
105 Fractal structure of a class of two-dimensional two-states cellular automata 4 Akane Kawaharada

ASON Regular Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
15 Dynamic Access-Point Configuration Approach for Elastic Wireless Local-Area Network System 7 Md. Manowarul Islam
22 Proposal of A Multi-agent Based Flexible IoT Edge Computing Architecture Harmonizing Its Control with Cloud Computing 7 Tadashi Ogino
42 Effective Suppression of False Rumors in Social Network Service 6 Satoshi Fujita
106 A Contention Window Control Method Based on Priority Control with the Number of Freezes of Wireless LAN 7 Tomoki Hanzawa
119 Coded Caching for Hierarchical Networks with a Different Number of Layers 7 Makoto Takita
130 Game Theory-Based Power Allocation and Channel Selection of Multi-channel D2D 7 AUNEE AZRINA ZULKIFLI
132 Performance Evaluation for The Signature Algorithm of ISDSR on Raspberry Pi 7 Hideharu Kojima
141 Data Collection Method using Data Collection with DTN in Participatory Sensing and Data Interpolation 6 Ryuta Mogi

ASON Poster Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
113 Peer-to-Peer Bidirectional Streaming Using Mobile Edge Computing 4 Taichiro Nakayama
117 Evaluation of Information Dissemination Scheme Using Autonomous Clustering and Epidemic Routing Considering Mobile Core Network Load in Wireless Networks 4 Toshikazu Terami

CSA Regular Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
16 Topological Properties and Routing Algorithm for the Static K-Ary N-Tree Interconnection Network 5 Masahiro Tozaki
20 Configurable Fast Cycle-approximate Timing Estimation for Instruction-level Emulators 6 Bo-Hao Liao
21 MemSpaces: Evaluating the Tuple Space Paradigm in the Context of Memory-Centric Architectures 7 Andreas Grapentin
31 Automated tiered storage system consisting of memory and flash storage to improve response time with input-output (IO) concentration workloads 7 Kazuichi Oe
54 Logarithmic Compression for Memory Footprint Reduction in Neural Network Training 7 Kazutoshi Hirose
79 Optimising Scientific Workflow Execution using Desktops, Clusters and Clouds 7 Edvard Oliveira
107 FEBRE: A Fast and Efficient Bit-flipping Reduction technique to Extend PCM lifetime 7 Peng GAO
137 Time-sharing Multithreading on Stream-based Lossless Data Compression 6 Koichi Marumo
150 Cooperative Detection for Falsification and Isolation of Malicious Nodes

CSA Poster Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
115 An Obfuscated Hardwired Sequence Control System Generated by High Level Synthesis 3 Yuumi Matsuoka
121 Power Measurement and Modeling of Quadcopters on Horizontal Flight 4 Kotaro Maekawa

GCA Regular Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
49 High Performance and Low Power Architectures: GPU vs. FPGA for Fast Factorized Backprojection 7 Fabian Cholewa
56 CloudCL: Distributed Heterogeneous Computing on Cloud Scale 7 Max Plauth
89 Is Emulating “Binary Grep in Eyes” Possible with Machine Learning? 7 Mamoru Mimura
100 GUNREAL: GPU-accelerated UNsupervised REinforcement and Auxiliary Learning 7 Koichi Shirahata

GCA Poster Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
71 Improving Multiple Precision Integer Multiplication on GPUs 4 Makoto Miyazaki

LHAM Regular Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
87 Mixed Precision Solver Scalable to 16000 MPI Processes for Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) Simulations on a large Xeon Phi (KNL) System 7 Ken-Ichi Ishikawa
126 Practical implementation of lattice QCD simulation on Intel Xeon Phi Knights Landing 7 Issaku Kanamori
144 Embedded-DSL-like code generation and optimization of Bayesian estimation routines with user-defined source-to-source code transformation framework Xevolver 7 Reiji SUDA
146 An Application-Level Incremental Checkpointing Mechanism with Automatic Parameter Tuning 6 Hiroyuki Takizawa
147 Designing an Open Database of System-aware Code Optimizations 6 Ryusuke Egawa

LHAM Poster Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
39 Incremental Refactoring of HPC Applications Using Partitioned Global Data Structures: A Case Study X X

PDAA Regular Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
9 Estimating Power Consumption of Servers Using Gaussian Mixture Model 7 Hao Zhu
86 Synchronizing Parallel Geometric Algorithms on Multi-Core Machines 7 Joel Fuentes
103 An asynchronous message-passing distributed algorithm for the global critical section problem 6 Sayaka Kamei
112 A Verified Accumulate Algorithmic Skeleton 7 Frederic Loulergue
122 An asynchronous P system using branch and bound for the satisfiability problem 6 Yuki Jimen
125 Discrete Periodic Radon Transform based Weighted Nuclear Norm Minimization for Image Denoising 6 Daniel Lun

WICS Regular Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
36 Optimal Representation for Right-to-Left Parallel Scalar Point Multiplication 7 Kittiphon Phalakarn
38 A Text-based Password approach for Mobile Devices Against Shoulder Surfing Attack Using Camouflage Characters
53 An Efficient Implementation of Trace calculation over Finite Field with vector represetnation 5 Yuta Kodera
57 An ECC implementation method with a twisted Montgomery curve over Fq32 on an 8-bit microcontroller 5 Yuta Hashimoto
69 Biometric Bit String Generation from Handwritten Initials on Smart Phones 6 Ryo Yamagami
83 Implementation of Hash Function Generator on Schematic to Program Translator(SPT) 6 Toshihiro Nakamura
85 A Method for Constructing an Autonomous Decentralized P2P Storage with High Confidentiality and Reliability 6 Masao Sakai
90 Long-term Performance of a Generic Intrusion Detection Mehotd Using Doc2vec 7 Mamoru Mimura
98 Implementation of high speed hash function Keccak using CUDA on GTX 1080 7 Thuong Nguyen Dat
109 Designated-Senders Public-Key Searchable Encryption Secure against Keyword Guessing Attacks 7 Toru Nakanishi
110 Implementation of Revocable Group Signatures with Compact Revocation List Using Vector Commitments 7 Shahidatul Sadiah
114 Analysis of Effectiveness of Slow Read DoS attack and Influence of Communication Environment 6 Shunsuke Tayama
128 Packet In message based DDoS attack detection in SDN network using OpenFlow 7 Xiang You
134 Mocha:Automatically Applying Content Security Policy to HTML hybrid applicationlication on Android Device 7 Toshiki Takeuchi
135 Performance Improvement and Evaluation of Function for Tracing Diffusion of Classified Information on KVM 6 Hideaki Moriyama
153 Fingerprinting BitTorrent Traffic in Encrypted Tunnels using Recurrent Deep Learning 5 Joseph Michelangelo Cruz

WICS Poster Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
127 Effectively Protect Your Privacy: Enabling Flexible Privacy Control on Web Tracking 4 Shiqian Yu
131 Access Control of Webcam on PC with Prevention against Peeping by Attackers 4 Yuri Yoshino

WANC Short Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
14 A Deletion Aware Usable Space Control for SD2 5 Joichiro Kon
37 Study on reduction on average computational complexity of GMD decoding using property of bounded distance decoding 5 Shunsuke Ueda
55 Wind-aware emergency landing assistant (based on Dubins curves) 5 Andreas Klos
62 A Study of TRAX Player by Template Matching 5 Masataka Nakano
96 Messaging Protocol for Relaying Messages between Participants with Autonomous Distributed Blockchain Propagation 5 Hiroyoshi Ichikawa
101 Label Estimation Method with Modifications for Unreliable Examples in Taming 4 Yasutake KOISHI
111 A Translation Method of ARM Machine Code to LLVM-IR for Binary Code Parallelization and Optimization 5 Kohta Shigenobu
116 A Study on the Performance of Web Applications Based on RoR in a Highly Consolidated Server with Container-based Virtualization 4 Yuto Tachibana
118 Acceleration of large-scale CGH generation using multi-GPU cluster 5 Watanabe Shinpei
120 Estimation of Power Consumption of Each Application Caused by Device Lock Considering Software Dependency in Smartphones 5 Shun Kurihara
143 Cooperative Jamming in a Two-Hop Relay Wireless Network with Buffer-Aided Relays 5 Kenta Sasaki
148 The entering and exiting management system by person specification using Deep-CNN 4 Hiroto Kizuna

WANC Poster Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
82 A Study to Optimize Heterogeneous Resources for Open IoT 3 Yoji Yamato
95 Examination of classifying hoaxes over SNS using Bayesian Network 3 Ryutaro Ushigome
97 Performance Evaluation of File Operations on OverlayFS 3 Naoki Mizusawa
99 A Study on Direction Estimation of Movement by Multiple Sensors for Pedestrian Dead-Reckoning 3 Yuya Sakuma
123 A firefly optimization for a connected dominating set in a sensor network 3 Yuta Matsumoo
151 A Study of a Fault-tolerant System Using Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration 3 Seiya Ogido