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Paper ID Title Oral/Poster Pages Speaker
132 Preliminary version: Attempt of modeling of connected Industorial Control System’s communication aiming information security risk extraction Oral 6 Satoshi Agatsuma
136 PKI-enabled OSPFv3 for Reliable IP Traceback Oral 5 Takahiro Oriishi
187 Execution of OFF2F Program Using Pseudo Non-Volatile Memory Oral 7 Sho Takasugi
188 Hardware Design and Evaluation of Cell Allocation Cache Poster 4 Tomoaki Ikari
189 Learning course features with Mini 4WD simulator Poster 2 Yuji Onoo
190 Self-position estimation of Mini 4WD AI using digital camera images Poster 2 Kazuhisa Senju
192 Flower pollination optimization for the multi-objective knapsack problem Oral 4 Yuta Hadachi
193 Evaluation of the RuCL Framework on Raspberry Pi Poster 4 Takfumi Miayzaki 
194 Measuring power consumption of OpenCV program on Raspberry Pi Poster 5 Kazumasa Kadota
195 A Preliminary Study of Multi-viewpoint Risk Assessment of IoT Oral 3 Sonam Wangyal
196 A Preliminary Study of Risk Assessment of Mobile Workers for Improvement of Work-Life Balance Oral 3 Tenzin Dechen
197 Cart Path Recognition in a Golf Course Using Deep Fully Convolutional Networks Poster 2 Gukjin Son
198 Insect Avoidance and Temptation System Design based on Light Emitting Diode Poster 3 Jinhwan Son
199 A Proposal of Real-Time foreign object detection for Food Through Conveyor Belt Using hyperspectral Camera Poster 2 Seong-ho Jeong
200 Online optimization of AGV transport systems using deep reinforcement learning Oral 5 Kei Takahashi
201 Multi-agent Based Energy Balancing Management Algorithm for Smart Grid System Oral 5 Dinesh Malla
202 Variational Quantum Support Vector Machine based on Deutsch-Jozsa Ranking Oral 6 Kodai Shiba
203 Development of AlphaZero-based Reinforcment Learning Algorithm for Solving Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP) Problem Oral 5 Tomoaki Kimura
204 Quantum Circuit Learning Using Error Backpropagation Oral 9 Masaya Watabe
205 Experimental Investigation of Lazy Evaluation Method in Replacement Algorithm for Long-term Re-reference Cache Management Oral 8 Hayato Nomura
206 A New Huffman Code for Accelerating GPU Decompression Poster 4 Naoya Yamamoto



Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
15 Hybrid storage system to achieve efficient use of fast memory area 10 Kazuichi Oe
20 An Efficient MQ-based Signature in the QROM 8 Hiroki Furue
34 Fog-Assisted Virtual Reality MMOG with Ultra Low Latency 9 Tsuyoshi Yoshihara
37 Effective Decentralized Energy Restoration by a Mobile Robot 9 Nicola Santoro
48 A Novel Color Image Representation Approach for Content-Based Image Retrieval 9 Chang-Hsing Lee
49 Almost Optimal Cheating-Detectable $(2,2,n)$ Ramp Secret Sharing Scheme 9 Tomoki Agematsu
52 DroidCaps: Orientation-based Malware Analysis for Android through Capsule Networks 9 Mohammad Nauman
54 Function Identification in Android Binaries with Deep Learning 10 Aizaz Sharif
64 A Label-based Approach for Automatic Identifying Adversarial Examples with Image Transformation 9 Thang Dang Duy
66 Revised Pulse Algorithm for Elementary Shortest Path Problem with Resource Constraints 8 Jiaxin Li
85 Efficient GPU Implementations to Compute the Diameter of a Graph 10 Daisuke Takafuji
87 Threat Analysis of Fake Virus Alerts Using WebView Monitor 9 Rintaro Orito
91 $2(1 - 1/\ell)$-factor Steiner tree approximation in $\tilde{O}(n{1/3})$ rounds in the $\mathcal{CONGESTED}$ $\mathcal{CLIQUE}$ 10 SUSHANTA KARMAKAR
96 Folded Bloom Filter for High Bandwidth Memory, with GPU implementations 10 Masatoshi Hayashikawa


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
5 Implementation of a Strongly Robust Identity-Based Encryption Scheme over Type-3 Pairings 6 TATSUYA SUZUKI
8 Framework for Detecting ControlCommandInjection Attacks on Industrial ControlSystems(ICS) 7 Hoda Mehrpouyan
10 A Tensor Factorization on Rating Prediction for Recommendation by Feature Extraction from Reviews 7 Yang Sun
22 Data-Transfer-Bottleneck-Less Architecture for FPGA-Based Quantum Annealing Simulation 7 Chiayin Liu
25 Siva – The IPFS Search Engine 7 Nawras Khudhur
31 Mobility-aware Tasks Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing Environment 7 Qinglan Peng
36 A Performance Analysis and Evaluation of SIDH with Several Classes of the Quadratic Extension Fields 7 Yuki Nanjo
40 An ANN Based Sequential Detection Method for Balancing Performance Indicators of IDS 6 HAO ZHAO
47 A Density-Based Congestion Avoidance Protocol for Strict Beaconing Requirements in VANETs 7 Jacir Bordim
50 Decomposing the Inverse of a Masked Vector in an Isomorphic GF for Perfectly Masked S-Box 7 Yuta Kodera
62 CNN Architecture for Surgical Image Segmentation Systems with Recursive Network Structure to Mitigate Overfitting 7 Taito Manabe
73 Benchmarks for FPGA-Targeted High-Level-Synthesis 7 Yasuaki Iimura
80 How to Improve the Cohesion of a Social Network? A Structural Perspective 7 Jiamou Liu
88 Extraction of Characteristic Subgraph Patterns with Support Threshold from Databases of Floor Plans 7 Tomonobu Ozaki
99 A Side-Channel Attack using Order 8 Rational Points against Curve25519 on an 8-Bit Microcontroller 7 Yoshinori Uetake
102 A Resource-efficient Weight Sampling Method for Bayesian Neural Network Accelerators 6 Yuki Hirayama
104 GPGPU Implementation of Variational Bayesian Gaussian Mixture Models 6 Hiroki Nishimoto
114 Evaluating a Side-Channel Resistance against Order 4 Rational Points in Arduino Cryptography Library 6 Keiji Yoshimoto

Workshop Papers


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
26 LARSS: A Rider Scoring System to Mitigate Fraud in TNVS 7 Wilbert Jethro Limjoco
109 A congestion avoidance for adaptive streaming over ICN using bitrate feedback from in-network nodes 7 Rei Nakagawa
141 Cooperative Update Mechanism of Cache Update Method Based on Content Update Dynamic Queries for Named Data Networking 7 Takatoshi Miwa
144 CWC: Simple and Stateless AQM Capable of Handling High Priority Thin Flows to Prevent Bufferbloat 7 Kyosuke Kubota
157 A State Space Reduction Method for Model Checking of Wireless Multi-hop Network Routing Protocols Focusing on Topologies 7 Hideharu Kojima
167 On the Effect of BLE Beacons on Fast Bluetooth Connection Establishment Scheme 5 Ryohei Saka
175 On the Secure Dispersed Data Transfer-Oriented Path Construction Method for Different ID Trees in WSNs 6 Kazuki Fujita


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
12 A Basic Study on Communication Characteristics by Bluetooth Low Energy for i-construction 4 Ryo Hamamoto
127 A Study on Construction of Ad-hoc Network with BLE Advertisement 4 Kai Takahashi
158 Processing Assignment of Deep Learning According to Sensor Node Capacity 4 Karin Umeda
163 Delay Tolerant Network considering Pedestrian Crowds 4 Takenori Kazama
165 Development of a Network Status Visualizing System for Wireless Multihop Networks 4 Ryoichi Mukai
170 Simulation of Evacuation Route Guidance Considering Evacuation Situation Changes in MANET-based Building Evacuation System 4 Shinnosuke Murakami


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
32 Evaluation of a Chained Systolic Array with High-Speed Links 7 Jun Iwamoto
41 A Programmable Approximate Calculation Unit Employing Time-Encoded Stochastic Computing Elements 6 NGUYEN VAN TINH
61 A Memory-Bandwidth-Efficient Word2vec Accelerator Using OpenCL for FPGA 6 Tomoki Shoji
93 Deadlock-Free Layered Routing for Infiniband Networks 7 Ryuta Kawano
105 GPU-based Decompression using the 842 Algorithm 6 Max Plauth
106 Fast Interrupt Handling Scheme By Using Interrupt Wake-Up Mechanism 6 Ryo Wada
182 Throughput-Optimal Hardware Implementation of LZW Decompression on the FPGA 6 Hiroshi Kagawa
183 A Pre-routing Net Wirelength Prediction Method Using an Optimized Convolutional Neural Network 6 Ryota Watanabe


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
171 Application of cross-reference framework CoToCoA to macro- and micro-scale simulations of planetary magnetospheres 4 Keiichiro Fukazawa
177 Orchestrating Near-Data FPGA Accelerators using Unix Pipes 4 Lukas Wenzel


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
18 Frame Difference Generative Adversarial Networks:Clearer Contour Video Generating 7 Rui Qiu
72 Face Image Anonymization as an Application of Multidimensional Data K-Anonymizer 7 Taichi Nakamura
77 A Quantized Neural Network Library for Proper Implementation of Hardware Emulation 5 Masato KIYAMA
78 Task Scheduling Techniques for Deep Learning in Heterogeneous Environment 7 Pangfeng Liu
84 Expressive Numbers of Two or More Hidden Layer ReLU Neural Networks 7 Kenta Inoue
124 Fast compression and optimization of deep learning models for natural language processing 7 Marcin Pietron
173 Structured Sparse Fully-Connected Layers in the CNNs and its GPU Acceleration 7 Naoki Matsumura


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
46 Parallelization Implementation of Direct-Forcing Immersed Boundary Method Using OpenACC 5 Fang-An Kuo
125 Ensemble approach for natural language question answering problem 4 Jerzy Duda
138 Kernel-based direct policy search reinforcement learning based on variational Bayesian inference 4 Nobuhiko Yamaguchi


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
28 Collaborative Illustrator with Android Tablets 7 Shogo Inoue
29 Live Streaming Over Wi-Fi Direct Multi-Groups 7 Masayuki Kawakami
43 An asynchronous P system using branch and bound for minimum graph coloring 7 Kotaro Umetsu
82 Multi-Objective Optimization of Channel Mapping for Fail-Operational Hybrid TDM NoCs 7 Nguyen Anh Vu Doan
94 The Degree/Diameter Problem for Host-Switch Graphs 7 Ryota Yasudo
97 Forgive & Forget: Self-Stabilizing Swarms in Spite of Byzantine Robots 7 Koichi Wada
115 A Development Platform of Intelligent Mobile APP based on Edge Computing 7 Tyng-Yeu Liang
128 Robustness of elementary cellular automata to asynchronous transitions and communications 7 Qin Lei
147 Eventually Consistent Distributed Ledger Relying on Degraded Atomic Broadcast 6 Michiko Inoue
172 A Construction of Real-Time Sequence Generation Algorithm for { n4 n = 1, 2, 3, …} 6 Naoki Kamikawa


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
137 An asynchronous P system with branch and bound for solving Hamiltonian cycle problem 4 Akihiro Fujiwara
179 Low-Cost Weed Identification System Using Drones 4 Chih-Min Chao


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
24 Real Chip Performance Evaluation on Through Chip Interface IP for Renesas SOTB 65nm Process 6 Hideto Kayashima
33 JavaScript Development Environment for Programming Education using Smartphones 6 Minoru Uehara
74 Interactive Cultivation System for the Future IoT-based Agriculture 7 Hironori Nakajo
90 A Web-based Routing and Visualization Tool for Drone Delivery 5 Takuma Hikida
151 Analysis of factors influencing global carbon dioxide emission characteristics using panel data and evaluation of their impact 7 Yoshiomi Otsuka
159 A Rapid Optimization Method For Visual Indirect SLAM Using a Subset of Feature Points 5 Ryosuke Kazami
181 Acceleration of ART algorithm on an FPGA board with Xilinx SDAccel 5 Hideharu AMANO


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
121 Improvement of Multipurpose Travel Route Recommendation System Based on GA 4 YUAN CHEN
169 A Cache Replacement Policy with Considering Fluctuation Patterns of Total Priority Value 4 Ryosuke Higashi


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
17 Construction and Evaluation of Attribute-Based Challenge-and-Response Authentication scheme on Asymmetric Bilinear Map 7 Kotaro Chinen
21 Reduction of Classifier Size and Acceleration of Classification Algorithm in Malware Detection Mechanism using Processor Information 6 Kazuki Koike
23 Reliable Decentralized Oracle with Mechanisms for Verification and Disputation 7 LIMAO MA
44 A Covert System Identification Attack on Constant Set-point Control Systems 7 Hoda Mehrpouyan
65 Investigating the Accuracy of Free-Text Keystroke Dynamics Authentication in Touchscreen Devices
69 Provable Security of the Ma-Tsudik Forward-Secure Sequential Aggregate MAC Scheme 7 Shoichi Hirose
76 A New Higher Order Differential of BIG 6 Naoki Shibayama
79 Image-based Unknown Malware Classification with Few-Shot Learning Models 7 Kien Tran
86 Neural-Network-Based Pseudo-Random Number Generator Evaluation Tool for Stream Ciphers 6 Hayato Kimura
103 ECC Atomic Block against Strong Side-Channel Attacks using Binary Curves 7 Yusuke Takemura
107 Mutual Relationship between the Neural Network Model and Linear Complexity for Pseudorandom Binary Number Sequence 7 Yuki Taketa
123 Security Bug Detection Through Dynamic Taint Analysis in Scala 6 Mohammadreza Ashouri
142 A preliminary study on methods to eliminate short fruitless cycles for Pollard’s rho method for ECDLP over BN curves 7 Hiromasa Miura
146 Identifying Useful Features for Malware Detection in the Ember Dataset 7 Yoshihiro Oyama
149 An Efficient Anonymous Reputation System for Crowd Sensing 7 Toru Nakanishi


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
55 The Approach Toward New Authentication Technology, 4th factor, Behavior 4 Rie Yamaguchi
133 A Study on Person Verification Using EEGs Evoked by Unperceivable Vibration Stimuli 4 Yoshiaki Shindo
145 Binary Sequence Generated by Alternative Trace Map Function and Its Properties 4 Fatema Akhter


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
7 Proposal of a Novel Book Content Search Method for Web-Based EBook Libraries 5 Somchai Chatvichienchai
30 Fast and Secure Back-Propagation Learning using Vertically Partitioned Data with IoT 5 Hirofumi Miyajima
60 A Virtual Sign Language Translator on Smartphones 5 Yun-Jung Ku
92 A Study on Phase Shift Keying on 2-Sphere 4 Sho Kakuwa
98 Evaluation of AP and OS Processing Distribution for Microkernel OS 5 Yuya Kobayashi
131 An analysis of Computational Complexity of Low Level Quantizers for Block Turbo Decoding for Product Codes of Binary Linear Code 5 Shinichi Kageyama
143 Generating block IO trace data from a cloud site using packet capture and analyzing the IO trace data 5 Kazutaka OGIHARA
150 Finding the Maximum Number of Symbols for the 4b/10b Line Code with Error Correction 5 Masayuki Takeda
156 A Watercolor Painting Image Generation using Stroke-based Rendering 5 Hisaki Yamane
168 Proposal of Scalable Vector Extension for Embedded RISC-V Soft-core Processor 5 Yoshiki Kimura
176 A Study on Service Identification Based on Server Name Indication Analysis 5 Hiroaki Yamauchi


Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
45 A study on transmission efficiency of systematic Spinal Codes 3 Yota Katagishi
129 Artificial Bee Colony with Mutual Search Strategy for Solving Numerical Optimization Problems
135 Strawberry optimization for multi-objective knapsack problem 3 YAMATO MIZOBE
140 Improvement of Cache System Automatic Design Tool for Heterogeneous Multi-core 3 Taiga Yukawa
160 Traffic Congestion Level Prediction Based on Recurrent Neural Networks
174 A Study on Cyclic Performance Fluctuation of CUBIC TCP and TCP BBR Considering Estimated RTT and Bandwidth 3 Kouto Miyazawa
178 Usable Disk Space Control Based on Hadoop Job Features 3 Makoto Nakagami