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   * Takaaki Goto (Toyo University)   * Takaaki Goto (Toyo University)
   * Shuichi Ichikawa (Toyohashi University of Technology)   * Shuichi Ichikawa (Toyohashi University of Technology)
-  * Masahiro Iida (Kumamoto Univ.) 
   * Ryuta Kawano (Keio University)   * Ryuta Kawano (Keio University)
   * Hiroyuki Kose (Toyo University)   * Hiroyuki Kose (Toyo University)
   * Takashi Mihara (Toyo University)   * Takashi Mihara (Toyo University)
-  * Hideki Mori (Meiji University) 
   * Akira Nagoya (Okayama Univ.)   * Akira Nagoya (Okayama Univ.)
   * Hironori Nakajo (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)   * Hironori Nakajo (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
   * Nobuhiko Nakano (KEIO Univsersity)   * Nobuhiko Nakano (KEIO Univsersity)
-  * Hayate Okuhara (Keio University) 
   * Yasunori Osana (The University of Ryukyus)   * Yasunori Osana (The University of Ryukyus)
   * Yoshiomi Otsuka (Toyo Univ.)   * Yoshiomi Otsuka (Toyo Univ.)