Keynote Talk

  • Chair: Michihiro Koibuchi (National Institute of Informatics)
  • Title: Decision Making by Photonics: Toward Photonic Computing Highlighting Ultimate Nature of Light
  • Presenter: Makoto Naruse (The University of Tokyo)
  • Abstract: Decision-making is important in information and communications technology and artificial intelligence. Here we present some photonic approaches to decision-making using classical and quantum light. We show single photon-based systems to solve multi-armed bandit problems by utilizing wave-particle duality for exploration. The principle is transformed into chaotic lasers where the chaotically oscillating time series provides fast and scalable decision-making abilities. Furthermore, we demonstrate that entanglement is useful for social decision-making whereby the expected value regards the maximization of social benefits and ensuring fairness among individuals. Indeed, combining photonics and computing is becoming an exciting research frontier worldwide. We will also review the recently launched national project entitled photonic computing highlighting ultimate nature of light.