CANDAR Best paper

  • SEM: A Simple Yet Efficient Model-agnostic Local Training Mechanism to Tackle Data Sparsity and Scarcity in Federated Learning, Quang Ha Pham, Nang Hung Nguyen, Tanh Hung Nguyen, Huy Hieu Pham, Phi Le Nguyen and Truong Thao Nguyen

CANDAR Outstanding papers

  • An Incremental Algorithm for $(2-\epsilon)$-Approximate Steiner Tree Requiring $O(n)$ Update Time, Hemraj Raikwar and Sushanta Karmakar(remote)
  • Efficient and High-Speed CGRA Accelerator for Cryptographic Applications, Vu Trung Duong Le, Hoai Luan Pham, Thi Hong Tran, Thi Sang Duong and Yasuhiko Nakashima
  • Exploiting Unlabeled RSSI Fingerprints in Multi-Building and Multi-Floor Indoor Localization through Deep Semi-Supervised Learning Based on Mean Teacher, Sihao Li, Zhe Tang, Kyeong Soo Kim and Jeremy Smith(remote)
  • A Cryptanalysis against the Cheating Detectable Secret Sharing from NISS 2019, Kiminori Kaneko and Satoshi Obana

Workshop Best papers

  • ASON: Method for Detecting DoH Communications from Non-Encrypted Information at a Middlebox, Yuya Takanashi and Shigetomo Kimura
  • CSA: Improving Raft Performance with Bulk Transfers, Aoi Yamashita, Masahiro Tanaka, Yutaro Bessho, Yasuhiro Fujiwara and Hideyuki Kawashima
  • GCA: A GPU-Based Parallel Implementation of the GWO Algorithm: Application to the Solution of Large-Scale Nonlinear Equation Systems, Bruno Silva and Luiz Guerreiro Lopes(remote)
  • PDAA: An asynchronous P system for solving the minimum Steiner tree with branch and bound, Reo Ueno and Akihiro Fujiwara
  • SUSCW: A Multitenant Single-Page Application for Programming Education, Ruoxuan Wang and Minoru Uehara
  • WICS: On the Practical Dependency of Fresh Randomness in AES S-box with Second-Order TI, Maki Tsukahara, Haruka Hirata, Mingyu Yang, Daiki Miyahara, Yang Li, Yuko Hara-Azumi and Kazuo Sakiyama
  • WANC: Accelerating Key-Value Store with Layer-2 Transparent Proxy Cache using DPDK, Hayato Aoba, Ryota Kawashima and Hiroshi Matsuo
  • Best Poster: Adaptive Thread Type Selection on the Java Virtual Machine,Andrea Rosà, Matteo Basso, Leonardo Bohnhoff and Walter Binder