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CANDAR Long Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
13 Hiding Communication of Essential Service by System Call Proxy 10 Yuuki Okuda
25 Resilient Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming with a Guaranteed Latency 10 Satoshi Fujita
28 The Effect of Common Vulnerability Scoring System Metrics on Vulnerability Exploit Delay 10 Andrew Feutrill
31 Efficient Byte Stream Pattern Test using Bloom Filter with Rolling Hash Functions on the FPGA 10 Takuma Wada
37 Data Pinning and Back Propagation Memory Optimization for Deep Learning on GPU 10 Pangfeng Liu
42 A Self-Stabilizing Algorithm for Constructing a Maximal (2,2)-Directed Acyclic Mixed Graph 10 Yonghwan Kim
53 An Efficient Shortest Path Routing on the Hypercube with Blocking/Faulty Nodes 8 Mehrdad Niasari
67 An Implementation of Shared Key Generation Extracted from Received Signal Strength in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Communication 9 Amang Sudarsono
83 Investigating the Effects of Dynamic Thread Team Size Adjustment for Irregular Applications 9 XIONG XIAO

CANDAR Regular Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
8 Detailed Instantiation of the Decentralized Multi-Authority Anonymous Authentication Scheme and Tighter Reduction for Security 7 Hiroaki Anada
11 A Galindo-Garcia-like Identity-based Signature with Tight Security Reduction Revisited 7 Masayuki Fukumitsu
14 A CloudSim extension for evaluating security overhead in workflow execution in clouds 7 HENRIQUE SHISHIDO
15 drDRM: A PUF-based Dynamically Reconfigurable DRM Mechanism for FPGA-based Platform 7 Tze Hon Tan
18 Scheduling of Malleable Fork-Join Tasks with Constraint Programming 6 Hiroki Nishikawa
29 Speeding Up Revocable Group Signature with Compact Revocation List Using Vector Commitments 7 Yasuyuki Seita
49 A Semi-Automatic Video Labeling Tool for Autonomous Driving Based on Multi-Object Detector and Tracker 6 Chung-Ta King
52 A proposal of new reading text CAPTCHA using random dot patterns 6 Hisaaki Yamaba
54 Evaluation measures for frequent itemsets based on distributed representations 7 Tomonobu Ozaki
61 Slow-port-exhaustion DoS Attack on Virtual Network Using Port Address Translation 7 Son Nguyen Duc
69 k-Optimized Path Routing for High-Throughput Data Center Networks 7 Ryuta Kawano
72 The template-based sub-optimal content distribution for a D2D content sharing network 7 Takayuki Shiroma
81 A Comparative Implementation of GLV Technique on KSS-16 Curve 7 Md. Al-Amin Khandaker
84 A Hardware for Accelerating Anonymization Transparent to a Network 7 Soichiro Shohata
86 A Construction of Fake QR Codes Based on Error-Correcting Codes 6 Makoto Takita
91 A Fast Message-Delivery Mechanism to Support Broadcast in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks 7 Jacir Bordim
93 A Prefix-Sum-Based Rabin-Karp Implementation for Multiple Pattern Matching on GPGPU 7 Jacir Bordim
95 Critical Node Identification based on Articulation Point Detection for Network with Uncertain Connectivity 7 Kouzou Ohara
96 Acquiring Nearly Optimal Peer Selection Strategy through Deep Q-Network 6 Tokihiro Naito

Workshop Regular/Short Papers

AFCA Regular Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
20 A Mass Spring Model for String Simulation with Stress-Strain Handling 7 Roman Durikovic
89 Employing Genetic Algorithm and Particle Filtering as an Alternative for Indoor Device Positioning 7 Jacir Bordim
127 Generalized FSSP on Triangular Tiling Luidnel MAIGNAN
132 Cellular Automaton Model for Turing Tumble Mechanical Computer 6 Teijiro Isokawa
164 A Smaller-state Implementation of Real-Time Sequence Generator for 7 Naoki KAMIKAWA
175 A weakly universal three-dimensional Larger than Life cellular automaton 5 Katsunobu Imai

ASON Regular Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
80 CPAAS: An Efficient Conditional Privacy-Preservation Anonymous Authentication Scheme using Signcryption in VANET
117 Spatial Feature Aware Genetic Algorithm of Network Base Station Configuration for Internet of Things 6 Haobin Wang
154 On Relationship between Timeout and Latency of Connection Re-establishment for Control Packet Loss Scenario in Bluetooth MANETs 5 Temma Ohtani
162 Handover Algorithm for Video Communications by Sharing Communication Quality Information of Access Points between Terminals 6 Atsushi Takei

CSA Regular Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
35 A Case Study on Memory Architecture Exploration for Manycores on an FPGA 6 Seiya Shirakuni
46 Towards Improving Data Transfer Efficiency for Accelerators using Hardware Compression 7 Max Plauth
47 Non-volatile memory driver for applying automated tiered storage with fast memory and slow flash storage 7 Kazuichi Oe
75 The Network-based Event Detection Module by NTP for Cyber Attacks on IoT Tamotsu Kawamura
78 Reduction of instruction increase overhead by STRAIGHT compiler 7 Toru Koizumi
139 The Impact of Job Mapping on Random Network Topology 7 Yao Hu
149 A Color-Based Cooperative Caching Strategy for Time-Shifted Live Video Streaming 6 Hiroki Okada
167 XY Based Fault-Tolerant Routing with The Passage of Faulty Nodes 6 Yota Kurokawa
171 AQSS: Accelerator of quantization neural networks with stochastic approach 7 Takeo Ueki
182 Integrating TicToc with Parallel Logging 7 Yasuhiro Nakamura
184 An Error Corrector for Dynamically Accuracy-Configurable Approximate Adder 7 Tomoaki Ukezono
188 Acceleration of Analysis Processing on Decentralized Performance Profiling System Using Virtual Machines 7 Masao Yamamoto

GCA Regular Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
32 Application of Machine Learning Techniques on Prediction of Future Processor Performance 6 Göktuğ İnal
82 Hybrid Building/Floor Classification and Location Coordinates Regression Using A Single-Input and Multi-Output Deep Neural Network for Large-Scale Indoor Localization Based on Wi-Fi Fingerprinting 6 Kyeong Soo Kim
103 Empirical Evaluation on Robustness of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Activation Functions Against Adversarial Perturbation 5 SU JIAWEI
133 Accelerating facial detection for improvement of person identification accuracy in entering and exiting management system 7 Hiroto Kizuna
158 XJTLUIndoorLoc: A New Fingerprinting Database for Indoor Localization and Trajectory Estimation Based on Wi-Fi RSS and Geomagnetic Field 7 ZHONG ZHENGHANG
163 Tile Art Image Generation using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks 7 Naoki Matsumura
195 Hierarchical Distributed-Memory Multi-Leader MPI-Allreduce for Deep Learning Workloads 7 Truong Thao Nguyen

LHAM Regular Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
118 Preconditioner auto-tuning with deep learning for sparse iterative algorithms 6 Kenya Yamada
136 Metaprogramming Framework for Existing HPC Languages Based on the Omni Compiler Infrastructure 7 Hitoshi Murai
145 Performance evaluation and visualization of scientific applications using PMlib 7 Kazunori Mikami

PDAA Regular Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
10 BlockPGP: A Blockchain-based Framework for PGP Key Servers 7 Alexander Yakubov
21 Design of a message authentication protocol for CAN FD based on Chaskey lightweight MAC 5 Ryunosuke Isshiki
43 Advanced Searchable Encryption: Keyword Search for Matrix-type Storage 6 Yuta Kodera
65 Proposal and Evaluation of Secure Device Pairing Method with Camera and Accelerometer 6 Makoto Nagatomo
101 GPU-based Parallel Implementation of Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
70 An Analytical Model of Energy-aware RPL for Wireless Sensor Networks with Ambient Energy Harvesting 7 Wilbert Jethro Limjoco
156 A Pipeline Implementation for Dynamic Programming on GPU 5 Makoto Miyazaki
161 Self-stabilizing algorithm for dynamically maintaining two disjoint dominating sets 7 Sayaka Kamei
165 A Cooperative Partial Snapshot Algorithm for Checkpoint-Rollback Recovery of Large-Scale and Dynamic Distributed System 7 Junya Nakamura
189 Branch and Bound Algorithm for Parallel Many-Core Architecture 6 Kazuki Hazama

SUSCW Regular Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
51 An Adaptable Scheduling for Self-Reconfigurable Objects 6 Mahdillah Mahdillah
56 Energy Balancing by Wireless Energy Transfer in Sensor Networks 7 Hiroshi Michizu
106 System Optimum Traffic Assignment for Connected Cars 6 Weibin Wang
107 Relationship Between Loading Methods of Packages and Travel Distance 6 Daiki Ojima
138 Fault Tolerance of Small World Network Architecture 6 HIDEKI MORI
144 C4: an FPGA-based compression algorithm for ExpEther 7 Hiroyuki Noda
159 An Extension of A Temperature Modeling Tool HotSpot 6.0 for Castle-of-Chips Stacking 7 Tomohiro Totoki

WICS Regualr Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
9 A Construction of Cramer-Shoup Like Encryption Protocols Based on the Anshel-Anshel-Goldfeld Key Exchange Protocol 7 Eisuke Koizumi
24 Usability and Shoulder Surfing Vulnerability of Camouflage Pattern Passwords on Mobile Devices
33 A New Higher Order Differential of FeW 6 Naoki Shibayama
38 Updateable Searchable Symmetric Encryption with fine-grained delete functionality 7 Motoki Miyano
45 Smart Contract for Multiparty Fair Certified Notifications 7 Macia Mut-Puigserver
58 How to Realize Highly Accurate Computation with Fully Homomorphic Encryption 7 Tomoki Agematsu
71 Consideration of Efficient Pairing Applying Two Construction Methods of Extension Fields 7 Yuki Nanjo
113 Neural Cryptography Based on the Topology Evolving Neural Networks 7 Yuetong Zhu
140 Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme Using Hash Values 5 Junta Imai
146 User-Side Updating of Third-Party Libraries for Android Applications 7 Hiroki Ogawa
155 Detecting Distributed Cyber Attacks in SDN Based on Automatic Thresholding 7 Ryousuke Komiya
173 Discovering New Malware Families Using a Linguistic-Based Macros Detection Method 7 Mamoru Mimura
174 Mitigating Use-After-Free Attack using Library Considering Size and Number of Freed Memory 7 Yuya Ban
186 On the Effectiveness of Extracting Important Words from Proxy Logs 7 Mamoru Mimura

WANC Short Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
7 Venerability and Protection Tool Surveys of Industrial Control System 5 I-Hsien Liu
36 Improving performance of transposition algorithm of 3-D data array for parallelization using message passing interface 5 Masahiro Arai
85 Robust Mapping for the Autonomous Mobile Robot Considering Potential Occupied Spaces of Objects 5 Bin Zhang
94 Load balancing in P2P video streaming systems with service differentiation 5 Yuta Yamada
115 Smart Learning Analytics and Frequent Formative Assessments to Improve Student Retention
124 Wandering Path Visualization System Prototype for Finding Wandering Elderly People using BLE Beacon 5 Tomoya Arakawa
131 An Implementation of LLVM Pass for Loop Parallelization Based on IR-Level Directives 5 Kengo Jingu
134 Tracing MIRAI Malware in Networked System 5 Xu Yao
137 Revisiting Thread Execution Methods for GPU-oriented OpenCL Programs on Multicore Processors 4 Takafumi Miyazaki
141 Design of Incentive Decision Method for Agriculture Information Sharing System 5 Joji Toshima
176 Improving Apache Spark's Cache Mechanism with LRC-based Method using Bloom Filter 5 Hideo Inagaki
183 Suppressing Chain Size of Blockchain-Based Information Sharing for Swarm Robotic Systems 5 Yuki Nishida
192 File Placing Location Optimization on Hadoop SWIM 4 Makoto Nakagami
193 A Kernel-based Method for Resolving Performance Inefficiencies in Mining Frequent-patterns in Encrypted Data 5 Joichiro Kon

Workshop Poster Papers

AFCA Poster Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
178 Formalization of asynchronous cellular automata using asynchronous protocol for communications 4 Jia Lee

ASON Poster Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
55 Experimental Performance Analysis on Autonomous Distributed Collaborative Messaging Protocol 4 Hiroyoshi Ichikawa
135 A study on observing a lost child using BLE beacons 4 ATSUSHI ITO
147 Load balancing method for IoT sensor system using multi-access edge computing 4 Ryuta Mogi
151 DHT clustering for load balancing considering blockchain data size 4 Yudai Kaneko
157 Experimental Evaluation of Information Dissemination Scheme Considering Mobile Network Base Station Load in Wireless Networks 4 Tatsuki Horai

CSA Poster Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
2 An FPGA Based Approach For People Counting Using Image Processing Techniques
12 Towards Large Scale Packet Capture and Network Flow Analysis on Hadoop 4 Miguel Zenon Nicanor Lerias Saavedra
40 Adapted Artificial Bee Colony for Numerical Optimization 4 Sheng-Ta Hsieh
41 Detection and parameter estimation of R peaks in ECG signal using optimization algorithm 4 Chun-Ling Lin
99 An Analysis on Randomness of Path ORAM for Light-weight Implementation 3 Hiroki Fujita
142 An Adaptive Demotion Policy with considering Temporal Locality 4 Masahiro Hasegawa
169 Performance Evaluation of Collective Communication on Random Network Topology 4 Ke Cui
196 An Trace-Driven Performance Prediction Method for Exploring 3D-NoC Design Optimization 4 Naoya Niwa
203 Application of Timing Fault Detection to Rocket Core on FPGA 4 Ushio Jimbo

GCA Poster Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
57 A Natural Scene Edge Detection Algorithm Based on Image Fusion
179 Development of generic CNN deep learning method using feature graph Kei Takahashi
181 Evaluation of EMVA using the instruction-level parallelism on TegraX1 4 Hirobumi Tominaga

LHAM Poster Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
170 Accelerating numerical simulations of supernovae with GPUs 4 Hideo Matsufuru

PDAA Poster Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
27 Incentive Driving Multipath Inter-domain Routing 4 donghong qin
160 Evaluation of Hierarchical Pincers Attack Search on Distributed Memory Systems 4 Asuka Nakamura

SUSCW Poster Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
105 Implementations of Droplets in Managed Network Blocks 3 Ryusei Saka
119 Development of Eco Volunteer Computing system 4 Motoi Yamagiwa
125 Application of an online questionnaire to secure the diversity of Planungszelle participant attributes 4 Yoshiomi Otsuka
168 A Cache Replacement Policy with Considering Global Fluctuations of Priority Values 4 Jubee Tada

WICS Poster Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
64 A Secure LiDAR with AES-Based Side-Channel Fingerprinting 4 Ryuga Matsumura
202 Status survey of SSL/TLS sites in 2018 after pointing out about “search form” issues Yuji Suga

WANC Poster Papers

Paper ID Title Pages Speaker
39 Research and Analysis of Statistical Characteristics of Internet Exchange Points 3 donghong qin
114 A Flexible Anti-Jamming Channel Hopping for Cognitive Radio Networks 3 Chih-Min Chao
120 Evaluation of letter reproduction system using cellular neural network and oxide semiconductor synapses by logic simulation 3 Hiroya Ikeda
126 Performance Evaluation of Dynamic Cell Allocation Cache using Cycle Accurate Simulator 3 Masato KITOU
129 Setting Parameters of Inter-frame Differencing for Compressed Moving Images
187 Mobile Application Aware Smartphone CPU Clock Frequency Optimization 3 Yusuke Sato
191 A New Design for Evaluating Moving Target Defense System 3 Wai Kyi Kyi Oo

NCSS Submitted Papers

Paper ID Title Oral/Poster Speaker
109 True Service Orientation with SORCER Oral Michael Sobolewski
206 A Multi-factor Approach for Stock Price Prediction by using Recurrent Neural Networks Poster Xu Zhang
209 Performance Evaluation of Fuzzy C-means Associated with Spark based on Virtual Cloud Computing Poster I-CHING HSU
210 Smart Grid Optimization by Deep Reinforcement Learning over Discrete and Continuous Action Space Poster Tomohiro Hirata
211 Hybrid Policy Gradient for Deep Reinforcement Learning Poster Dinesh Malla
212 Design of a New Stream Cipher: PALS Oral
213 Vectorization of Kernel and Image Subsampling in FIR Image Filtering Poster Teppei Tsubokawa
214 Low-Energy Routing for Deadline-constrained Delivery Drones under Windy Conditions Poster Kenta Takegami
215 A Study on Effective Repetition of Bilateral Filter for Medical Images Poster Akihiro Yoza
216 Fast Algorithm of Unified Layer Performing Convolution and Average Pooling on GPU Poster Hiroki Tokura
217 GPU implementation of the fast Smith-Waterman algorithm using BPBC technique Poster Takahiro Nishimura
218 Acquisition of Best Bet for 10,000 Yen Game Using Machine Learning Poster Ryota Komori
219 Fast Algorithm of Inventory Management using Dynamic Programming on GPU Poster Makoto Motoka
220 A Study on Effective Skill Passing Method for Uta-Sanshin Poster Tsugushi Nagahama
221 Fruit Recognition using BoF Method for Automatic Harvesting Poster Masaya Negawa